In the age of digitization and cloud solutions, security, privacy and data protection is becoming increasingly important from both a business functionality perspective and a business risk perspective.

Framework Digital’s experts have long experience with the business requirements, legal requirements, technical requirements and software solutions that can help your business' internal systems and customer facing systems comply with business requirements and legal requirements.

Your business is increasingly built around loosely coupled applications as domain solutions are taking over from a monolithic ERP of the past. Ensuring that your employees can access just the right functionality in a technically secure way, while adhering to SoD regulations and other business requirements that only the right access rights to systems and data can guarantee, is business critical.

While there are significant benefits for end-users in moving core business systems from inside your company’s own firewall and domain to SaaS solutions available on the open internet, it requires technical insight and diligence to ensure the necessary security and privacy is in place. Cybercriminals have new entry points and attack vectors at their disposal that needs to be addressed for your hybrid landscape.

Customer Identity Management is an essential part of handling your customers' data by providing your customers transparency in the data your company is storing on the particular customer throughout your system landscape. Our strong expertise and experience in managing customer data in complex backend systems, can help your company to provide the right solutions for your customers and gain their trust as well as adhering to both existing and future data protection legal requirements.


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